Fives Cryogenics | Energy business line is specialized in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of brazed heat exchangers, cold boxes, and cores-in-drums. These key products are developed for the gas production and processing industry, but can also be seen in various other applications, including: 

  • Air Separation

  • Distribution

  • Natural Gas Processing

  • LNG

  • Olefins and Petrochemicals

  • Helium

  • Filling Systems

Strengthened by over 50 years of experience with the world's largest engineering and gas manufacturing groups, Fives has built a reputation for reliability and long-term relationships with customers.

As a technological leader in the cryogenics market, Fives develops the best technical, economical and tailor-made solutions for its customers and goes beyond delivery by offering aftermarket services such as preventative maintenance and repairs.

Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers

Fives has manufactured more than 10,000 BAHX since 1959, under successive brands known as Trane, Nordon Cryogenie, Fives Cryogenie, and now Fives.  The value of Fives equipment includes:

  • More Efficient Heat Transfer: Fives provide ultimate performance brazed aluminum heat exchangers (BAHX) based on the renowned Trane technology.

  • Higher Reliability: BAHX do not require maintenance and provide more than 99.99% availability (i.e. less than 0.01% downtime).

  • Better Design Flexibility: A wide range of sizes, configurations, and fin types, with design pressures up to 2030 psi, allows Fives to offer tailor-made design and optimization through its in-house design and simulation software.

  • Lower Energy Consumption: Temperature approaches as low as 35-37 deg F, reduces energy consumption. Approaches can even be smaller than 34 deg F for special applications.

Cold Boxes

Fives has supplied more than 250 cold box units since 1959.  The value of Fives cold boxes include:

  • Easier Installation: Compared to other methods, Fives cold boxes offer easier installation, support, and connection to customer piping.

  • Improved Production: Cold boxes provide excellent protection of equipment and insulation against external influences like rain, snow, wind, etc.

  • Better Mechanical Robustness: Fives cold boxes are self-supporting structures, acting as support for enclosed equipment, such as heat exchangers, drums, valvess, and instrumentation.

  • Stress-free Delivery: Fives cold boxes can be shipped with weights up to 200 metric tons.


Core-in-drum (block-in-shell) heat exchangers consist of one or more brazed heat exchangers installed inside a carbon steel or stainless steel drum.  This provides the same kind of service as the traditional shell-and-tube style of kettle, but with more compact dimensions and greater thermal efficiency.  Fives value on this equipment includes:

  • More Integrated Packages: Core-in-drum units are delivered already assembled (ready for installation, connection to customer piping and insulation on site) and can combine several different streams into the same shell.

  • Unrivaled Compactness: Fives core-in-drum units offer smaller sizes, weights, and footprints than shell-and-tube kettles for a given capacity.

  • Enhanced Performance: Fives core-in-drum units can easily replace existing conventional kettles to provide enhanced performance within the same allowable space.