R.W. Holland, Inc. has been serving the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, and power industries for 28 years, and is one of the largest manufacturers of Hairpin Heat Exchanger lines in the Unites States.

R.W. Holland is an ASME Code certified manufacturer offering standard designs, as well as custom designs to meet clients’ specifications. Utilizing a 27,000 sft facility, they can meet the design specifications for high pressure, high temperature, low temperature, and various alloy materials.

R.W. Holland, Inc.’s products are known worldwide for the quality of designs and excellent customer service. 

Equipment Fabricated Includes:

  • Hairpin Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

  • Hairpin Heat Exchangers

  • Tank Heating Coils (Fintube and Bare Tubes)

  • BEU Line and Suction Heaters

  • Longitudinal Fintubes

  • Replacement Bundles

  • Atmospheric Air Coolers (No Fans)